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January 22, 2016 : Painting

January 22, 2016


Have you ever purchased a painting and may have not been sure why, other than you were drawn to a particular color?  Yesterday, during a (pre-snow storm) sale, I purchased the above landscaping painting/picture for $35.00.  As I recognize now, there are ‘three’ prominent trees photographed.  Many times we see groups of three in a photo.  It is an odd number, to some it represents the trinity.  Only now can I appreciate what was purchased yesterday.  It wasn’t something I was searching for, nor did I suddenly think this would be the correct spot.  However, I share because we often find ourselves surprised when an item appears that we may have never noticed before.  The word which comes to mind is ‘surprises,’ and is it not true that our Lord and Savior delights in surprising His Children?  Would it surprise many that He cares in all aspects of our daily walk?  Many may say, ‘oh, you just have an eye for seeing a particular frame/artwork.’ My response is that it often is in the surprises where we see His hand play a larger role.  Thank You Lord for Your Word!  And when we see a photo or picture through Your lens Lord, do we see more than just three trees.  Thank You Lord for today’s snow day.  If it weren’t for the ice and the snow, I may have missed the small moments with family, and enjoying a piece of art-work up-close.  Thank You.  In Your Name we pray.  Amen

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