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January 25, 2016 : Drawing

January 25, 2016


Have you ever drawn a picture only to look at the date and say, ‘has it really been that long ago?’  For one, I cannot believe I had so much time on my hands to actually draw this flower much less think about how much laundry is pouring out of the dryer at this time.  And just as this photo is a memory of a particular season, I am grateful to look back at the date and say, ‘Thank You Lord for opening my eyes.’  Isn’t this what pictures do?  Trigger a memory in which we may have to sit back and think, was I really wearing that or did I really put that much time into this particular endeavor? With each season may we look back and not be discouraged, but be thankful that our Lord and Savior blossoms each and every follower of Him accordingly.  And just as a rose may have thorns, can we appreciate the positive memories and others which may just need a prayerful lens.  Either way, walking in His grace and shining His light is the morning star which we can look forward to.  For a flower which does not receive light cannot blossom, correct? And just as His seasons change, so do our interests.  May we give praise for the beautiful flowers in our life.  Even if they can be seen on an old piece of drawing paper🌹

May 2000

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