Nugget of Truth


Is it any surprise a three year old would sit next to me while waiting for their vehicle? As she wiggled and turned in her seat, I couldn’t help but notice her pink feet. She proudly pointed to her toes, and smiled at my reaction. Why is it that a simple question would spark so much joy? How is it that a room full of adults staring at their phones could miss the little feet moving to the beat of their own tune? If there is one detail that continues to stand out, it is that this child most certainly was not shy. I hope my faith matches hers at the end of every day. For child-like faith is what we hope to have, is this not true? As I rummaged through my purse, I found a lollipop, ready to serve. With her big brown curls, she smiled at me and accepted the candy. You can rest assured her feet danced to the sugar of life. My hope in sharing is that we may pause and take a moment to appreciate the little shoes we see around us. And with child-like faith can we boldly approach our Lord and Savior’s Throne. Thank You Lord, and as we see a child skipping along side a parent, may we be reminded that their laughter and their hearts are closest to Your Kingdom. 💗
Matthew 18:4
“Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”

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