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Green Leaf Bug

May 15, 2016
The name of this bug is a ‘Giant Leaf Insect.’ It appears to be rather obvious, but isn’t the name just as simple?  I equate it to sharing the Gospel, there really isn’t any need to draw more to what God has shared.  Yes, we may ask if our Lord and Savior drank fermented wine or not, however, His truths are the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  No need to add entertainment to it or added stage lights, because at the end of the day, His Word continues to motion forward.  We as Christians know the ending, our hope is in a Living God, who died, was buried, and has risen in the hearts of those who have surrendered to Him.  Jesus made it very clear when He shared ‘The Father and I are one.’ And just like this Moving Leaf Bug is concerned, there is so much out there where we can draw closer and say, ‘is what I’m looking at really moving?’  Some bugs may bite, others may walk across your hand.  The purpose in sharing is that often times what we are seeing is actually God’s Word right in front of us, simply, we must open it up for ourselves and read what ‘He’ has to say.  No need to search for something similar to His Truths, for just like a moving bug, we can see it is Green and full of life.  And just as it is alive, so is His Almighty Word.  Thank You Lord for all of Your creation.  Including a Giant Leaf insect which is fascinating most indeed.
John 10:30
“I and the Father are one.”

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