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Resting Well

Recently, a doctor spoke at church and raised the question of ‘Resting well.’  How it is an ungodly mindset to think ‘rest’ must be earned.  And this notion of working so much that our young adult teens pick up on this false belief too… yes, we can work vigorously and still feel the need to accomplish more, however, is it not ‘He’ who set the stars in place and formed the waves in the sea?

The reason for sharing is to see and know the wonder and awe of a child.  How they can look at the ocean and be overwhelmed by its beauty.  And how allotting time to specifically rest is needed.  Be encouraged is what is heard!  For His ways are not ours, and just as His waves can be seen, take heart that His Living water is always fresh and most inviting♥️

Thank You Lord for Your beautiful waves.  We cannot prove how they work and or function, but we know You Lord created every drop of water.  May we rest in Your presence on this day.  And allow You to calm any and all fears.  In Jesus Name we pray.  Amen 🌊

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